Manufacturers of Wire Resistance:Electric Butt Welders: Suitable for various materials.

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Inside Microwelder

transformer view

Front of welder

eh welder

Back of welder

back of eh welder

GRINDEReh grinder

E H Microwelder

Ferrous Rane
EH1 welding range approx. dia,0.9-6.0mm
EH2 welding range approx. dia,2.0-8.0mm
EH3 welding range approx. dia,3.5-9.5mm
EHC welding range, differs on materials please ask.
None ferrous range 0.9-6.0mm dia.
Ask for other type to weld: eg: Shapes, rings, strand.

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Ferrous Range

SG1 Microwelder
welds wires 0.30 to 1.00mm dia.
SG2 Microwelder
welds wires 0.50 to 2.00mm dia.

sg welder sg welder flat strip SG3:
Built as a SPECIAL: Flat strip wire MODEL:
0.50 to 1.0 thick:1.0mm-15mm wide.
Or built as special to suit wire shapes and sizes.
Or  built as a NONE ferrous model.

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SG Welder on Stand with Grinder

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